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How to Add Branding to Your Presentation

If you use 360° presentations to show properties to your clients, point for you. Your real estate agency is seen as modern and professional, and you raise the representative value of your agency. You also send a message to your potential clients that they can get 360° properties tour – it’s a part of your unique offer. It works on your social media canals and your website. Imagine that someone checking your agency’s Facebook profile and see most of your offer presented by 360° presentations. Those presentations are more effective when having one visual accent which is your branding, your visual identity. This subtle element is an excellent way to mark your offer and makes that viewers will better remember your real estate agency.

Now, how to go about it. There are a few steps for you to add branding to your 360 photos.

Step 1.

Add the logo of your agency to the presentation by complementing the agency’s branding in profile in the Evryplace app. All you need to do is open your profile settings, and add an agency logo that will be a permanent element of your presentations. From now on all your presentations will have a logo embedded in your 360° tours.

How to Add Branding to Your Presentation, Evryplace Knowledge Base

Step 2.

360° photography is the most significant medium for real estate, but it also has imperfections – the most common one is the camera tripod, visible when looking down. Why fight with imperfections, it’s better to find an effective way to cover them up. 360° technology allows hiding that kind of unwanted elements. Nadir is the point on the celestial sphere directly below an observer, it’s where the tripod stand. And that’s a perfect place for your logo. What you need to do is prepare logo in the oval version and cover what you don’t want to show on the 360° tours. That is an additional advantage of Evryplace branding option.

How to Add Branding to Your Presentation, Evryplace Knowledge Base

Step 3.

You can also turn the 360° presentations into an actual sales offer, a part of your property catalog. Take the advantage of the attention the
360° presentations give you and try converting on it by adding your contact details to the actual presentation.
In the presentation settings, you can assign an agent to the property with contact details and a portrait, allowing viewers to reach out to your agents directly from the presentation.

How to Add Branding to Your Presentation, Evryplace Knowledge Base

Step 4.

If you want to present a property that really stands out from your portfolio to the point that it may require a separate branding or identification, you might want to add a small logo next to the presentation name. That is a great solution when the real estate logo is more important than the logo of your agency.

How to Add Branding to Your Presentation, Evryplace Knowledge Base

The Final Result

Using the above-shown steps you can add more details information to your presentation and build a brand that will inspire confidence and reflect its professionalism and modernity. That’s why combining the 360 ​​° presentation portfolio with the image of a strong and trustworthy real estate agency seems to be a recipe for success.


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