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Problems with Ricoh Theta

Troubles connecting to mobile or pc

Below we suggest couple of ways to fix not working wi-fi connection. These may but don’t have to work for you and your Theta. They may also solve other problems with your camera, like for example self restarting or shutting down. We think it is best to try them in order shown below. They were sorted from least time consuming to most time consuming, so first try out the shorter once as they can solve your problem faster.

Method 1: Reset the wi-fi in your camera.

  1. Turn wi-fi off and back on with the button on the side of your camera.
  2. Pair your mobile apps again (may require you to delete the currently existing connection).
  3. Check if the problem has been solved.
Ricoh Theta Z1 wifi button location
Wi-fi button location in Theta Z1. In other models it is also found on the side, and warked with a wi-fi sign.

Method 2: Update mobile apps (smartphones and tablets) or the operating system (computer).

Make sure that your mobile apps are up to date – you can do it in Play Store (for Android) or App Store (iPhone). Just find the app which is not working (Ricoh Theta mobile app or Evryplace app) and if there is an update possible you will see the button Update. If there are no possible updates then you will see the button Open.

If you have trouble with connecting to your computer check if your system is up to date – if not – update it.

Method 3: If previous steps did not help your next step should be to update software in Theta camera (also known as firmware).

  1. Go to Ricoh Theta website and download the Basic App.
  2. Choose the one for your Theta camera model and operating system (Windows or Mac).
  3. Install the app.
  4. Connect your Ricoh Theta with an usb cable to your comuter.
  5. Open the Ricoh Basic App and from File menu select Firmware update.

Here is a little more detailed instruction for updating firmware: Ricoh Theta website.

If the steps above did not solve your problem please consider contacting Ricoh’s customer support.

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