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Upload issues

Having trouble with uploading 360° photographs, videos or pictures – they don’t load correctly or an error message is displayed?

First check if they follow the upload requirements. More information below.

360° Photographsbelow 286 mb.jpg .jpeg .png2 (width) to 1(height)1.99 – 2.012500 x 1250 px
360° Videobelow 286 mb.mp4 .webm2 (width) to 1(height)1.99 – 2.012500 x 1250 px
Flat images (widgets)up to 286 mb.jpg .jpeg .pngno requirementsno requirementsno requirements
Flat video (widgets)up to 286 mb.mp4 .webmno requirementsno requirementsno requirements
Sound (widgets)up to 286 mb.mp3 .wav
Spaceplanup to 286 mb.jpg .jpeg .pngno requirementsno requirementsno requirements

File format 

Evryplace supports a variety of file formats, but it is important that files are uploaded in a correct one. 

What is a file format?

It is a standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file. There are many different formats for example for pictures, videos, text etc. Each type of file can be stored in at least a couple of formats – sometimes the user does not even know it, because the outcome displayed on the screen looks the same. 

Example image file formats: JPG, PNG, INSP.

Example video file formats: MP4, MOV, WEBM.

Example audio file formats: MP3, WAV, AVI.

How to check file format? 

Right Click the file you want to check to open the menu. 

Select Properties

Here you will find the format.

Here, in the Details tab you will find dimensions. 360 photos and videos need to have correct 2(width)x1(height) proportion. 

How to proceed with a different file format? 

If the file format you have is different from formats mentioned in the table on top of this article you need to convert it (or export your file in different format). You can do this with any software that you find suitable. There are plenty of converters online, which do not require installation of any new software on your computer.

For example you can visit or any other converter and proceed with the instructions. When you have desired file format upload it to Evryplace and continue creating your virtual tour. If you are having trouble with .insp format use Instas software – upload your photospheres and export in a .jpg format.

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