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How to start creating virtual tours with Evryplace

Do you want to start using Evryplace? Here are basic instructions on how to start.

Set up a free Evryplace account.

If you already own an account – please skip this step

To do it you need to visit Evryplace website. Click the Register button, and type in your email address, password and your name that will be displayed on your account. Alternatively you can log in via social media of your choice – Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Account. 

You will receive an email from us. Open this email and click the Confirm registration button. Now your account has been activated and is ready to use.

At first of course you will receive a free one month trial from us. It is Evryplace with all its functions, and during this month you can create virtual tours, share them, perform Co-viewings and discover everything it has to offer.

Pick a plan

After the free trial period, pick the subscription plan best fitting your needs. You can also do this before your free trial expires. That way your subscription plan will start right after free trial, which you still will be able to use fully. List of available plan can be found here

Get 360° photographs

For creating a virtual tour you will need 360° pictures (also known as photospheres – these terms are used interchangeably). You can start by using sample pictures to learn how to use Evryplace or you can use pictures of your own to create a first virtual tour ready for your business or personal use. If you want to use stock photospheres you can find them here: link

If you want to use your own 360° pictures:

Order a 360° cameraCommision a professional 360°You already own a 360°camera or you want to use your smartphone
1. Go to
2. Add a model of your choice to your shopping cart
3. Finish your order using the instructions given to you on the Ricoh Theta website.

You can order or lease any 360° camera of your choice. We recommend Ricoh Theta because it provides very good quality and is compatible with Evryplace mobile app, which makes creating virtual tours easier and faster.
Owning a camera is the most profitable in the long term as it means lowest costs, good quality and you do not have to rely on the work schedules of a professional photographer
It’s a good solution due to:
Best 360° photographs quality – most professionals include post processing of the pictures as well.
Does not require you to invest in hardware in aby way.
It is overall a good solution for beginning or in case you really want your virtual tours to be high end.
If you want to use your smartphone to create 360° photographs you will need an app for it. We recommend the Google StreetView app, but there are other apps on Google Store and App Store, which might suit your needs better.
It is worth mentioning Insta360 cameras, which use .insp data format. 360° pictures in that format need to be uploaded to Insta360 software and exported as .jpg or .png format. More information on this can be found here.

Read our Knowledgebase

When you have both Evryplace account and access to 360° photographs you can create your first virtual tour right away. The Evryplace Editor is simple and intuitive, but we recommend familiarizing yourself with our learning materials. You can do this in three ways:

Watch the video tutorialRead the KnowledgebaseSchedule a Training
It covers all the functions of Evryplace and contains complete information on how to create a virtual tour. It can be used instead of Knowledgebase – it covers the same information (just in different form and with different level of detail).We especially recommend the Editor section – it contains more detailed information that the video tutorial.If you are a customer using a Premium subscription – contact us to set up a date for an online training session for one person or a group. 

After watching the video tutorial, reading the Knowledgebase or attending training you will be able to create your own virtual tours.

Create your tours

Log into your Evryplace account and start creating your own 360° virtual tours.

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