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Mobile application

Evryplace mobile application is used for viewing virtual tours, storing them on your device and for remotely uploading 360 photographs from Ricoh Theta and instantly creating new virtual tours in Evryplace. New tours created that way will be available to edit and publish in Evryplace Editor on your computer, in web application. 

Mobile app can create a tour with scenes (360 photos) but you need to add transitions in the Editor if you want your presentation to go live and be fully functional.

The app can be used on all modern smartphones and tablets both Android and Apple. It is available for free in Google Play and App Store

You can use the mobile app without logging in with an Evryplace account – then it allows for viewing the tours and joining Co-Viewing. To have access to creating tours please log into your evryplace account on the mobile app.

Importing pictures and creating new tours directly from Ricoh Theta.

  1. Log into your Evryplace account
  2. From the menu on the left side select Import
  3. Pair your smartphone with your Ricoh Theta. App will guide you through 3 steps of pairing. If you already connected your Evryplace mobile app with your phone with Theta in the past pairing should be automatic, but in some cases it will require selecting your Theta from previously paired devices list. If you have any trouble connecting:
    1. Check the wifi. It should be turned on both in your smartphone and Theta.
    2. If you still cannot connect, turn Theta off and on again. 
    3. If you still cannot connect, update your smartphone software.

It should cover most cases with pairing problems

  1. Load 360 photos from Theta by selecting Import from the left menu. It may take a while, depending on the amount of pictures you are importing.
  2. When all 360 photos are imported successfully, select Export to Evryplace or Finish to leave the exporting for later and finish at this point and do the rest later.
  3. If you choose to Export to Evryplace a list will appear. It contains 360 pictures you took with your Ricoh Theta. 
  4. Select these 360 photos you want to use to create your new tour.
  5. Once the photos are picked app will ask you about the name for the tour – type in the name.
  6. Wait for the upload to complete – once again, it might take a while depending on the number of photos and your internet connection.
  7. Choose to instantly create a new tour. If you do that a new tour will be created, which you can later access from your computer in the web Evryplace Editor. If you choose not to create a new tour a folder with chosen 360 pictures will be created on your Evryplace Drive and you will be able to add these photos to presentations from there.

Viewing virtual tours in both online and offline mode

Viewing tours online.

Mobile app gives you access to your and other users virtual tours created with Evryplace.  To be able to view your tours like that the option  “Allow VR experience with Evryplace VR…” has to be turned on (it can be set in publishing window in Evryplace web Editor). If you want to see your own tours that are not public – just log in.

Select this for your virtual tour to be viewable in the app.

Offline mode.

You can download chosen virtual tours to your device for them to be available without using data transmission and with faster loading. To save a tour to a device tap this icon.

Tap this icon to download a tour to Offline mode.

Joining coviewing as a spectator

Mobile app enables you to join Coviewing as a spectator, but not as a presenter. To present you have to use a personal computer or a laptop.

  1. From the side menu select Join Co-Viewing
  2. Enter the Viewing Hash code
  3. Tap Next
  4. Enter Your name
  5. Tap Complete

After tapping Complete your mobile device will connect to the presenter. If there are problems connecting make sure the Hash was correct (for example there were no “O” mistyped for “0” etc.) and that the presenters Co-viewing is open.

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