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Embedding virtual tour on websites

What is embedding?

Embedding refers to the integration of links, images, videos or in this case virtual tours into social media posts or other web media. Embedded content appears as part of a post or website and supplies a visual element that attracts attention and allows to view media without leaving the website or opening a new tab. For example you can embed 360 tours on your website, Facebook or real estate platform that you are using (like for example Estate Waves). 

An example of embedded virtual tour

Embedding virtual tours in portals

To successfully embed in portals, (1)Publish your tour and in the sharing window select the (2)Portals tab. (3)Copy the embed link and put it in the respective field in your real estate portal.

In most cases when embedding does not work in portals is because the link was not copied from the Portals tab. To fix it just paste the correct link.

Embedding in websites with HTML


With Evryplace you can easily embed tours on your company’s website by inserting HTML code. When you do that the presentation will be visible to anyone who visits your website. It is important, that embedded tours cannot be protected with password in order to work properly. 

To achieve the effect shown in the beginning of the article (box with an interactive virtual tour inside it, accessible without leaving the page):

  1. Publish your tour
  2. Select the Embed tab 
  3. Copy the HTML code and insert it in your website’s code. 

You can choose the embedded window size by changing the default W(width) and H(height). After you change it you have to copy the code with updated size.

Worth remembering:

Embed is in some way a link. This means that any changes you make and publish to your tour will automatically be visible in all places where you embedded this tour. It also means that if the tour becomes unpublished or goes into the draft version, it will no longer be visible in embedded windows, so if you are experiencing some trouble with this kind of sharing, please check if the tour is published in the first place. If it is published but does not work well, make sure that a proper link was used (from Portals tab for portals, and from Embed tab for website). 

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