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What else can be achieved with EVRYPLACE for Real Estate? Part 3

In the previous article from our blog series, we explained how to create an engaging 360° property tour. Today we will show you what else can be achieved with Evryplace, once your property presentation is ready. Read and revolutionize your website with just a few clicks using Evryplace editor.

Multiple Listing Service

A new study by Greenlight (the global leader in VR/AR market intelligence) found that “53% of customers said they would be more likely to purchase from a brand who used virtual reality vs. one who did not.” No wonder more and more MLS platforms are using 360° technology. Services as ASARI, Galactica (two largest MLS services in Poland) already use 360° imagery as part of their property offers. According to Forbes, VR is transforming Real Estate Market and creating new standards in property offer advertising. It’s a matter of time that Brightdoor,, RightMove will enable VR option because it’s a huge step into the future.

How does embedding on the web look like?

Evryplace presentations are a web component based on HTML language, so integration and adding the presentation to the website is intuitive and comes down to introducing a line of code. Copy and Paste – that’s the way to make 360° imagery part of your site, the difficulty is the same as when adding usual 2D photos however the outcome is significant. Regardless of how your website is developed from scratch or based on WordPress/Squarespace template adding a web embedded 360° presentation is the same – easy and intuitive.

Co-viewing – sales of the 21st century

We live in a time of commonly available technology when most internet users prefer on-demand real-time communication such as live chat, to email inquiries. The modern buyer is more and more conscious and demanding, wants to know the answers to bothering questions in real-time. The ability for you to respond to this need can have a positive impact on sales figures. Evryplace co-viewing is a natural response to these trends. Guarantees quick and easy contact with the sales department, and therefore with experts, from anywhere in the world.

Now you know that 360° presentations are not only about showing the space better but more about engaging potential buyers on each touchpoint and you’ve learned what else can be achieved with Evryplace, be in touch with us, see you in part 4 of our guide!


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