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Links between the scenes…step by step in the real estate.

Probably, you already have a series of 360° photos of selling properties, do you wondering what’s next? Creating a 360° presentation is your next marketing step and way to get the slide catalog of a given apartment or office. That’s how you can create an engaging 360° walk that reflects the real property visit. Sounds good? We explain how to do it.

What are the links?

So-called links are the points you apply to individual scenes of the presentation so that the client can decide to move to the next room. Such a combined presentation gives a full picture of the property and provides a wow effect. You can easily add links in the widgets section of the Evryplace editor. It’s easy and intuitive.

Property plan becomes understandable

Links allow you to maintain a certain logic in the topography of real estate, a client walking virtually across the property is able to understand its distribution and feel like walking in real. The smooth form of presentation allows moving freely around the building, passing the corridor to the next rooms, going through the door where they really are.

Links between the scenes…step by step in the real estate., Evryplace Knowledge Base

A client guided around the property…without your participation

An additional advantage is the freedom of movement. The client can decide which room they entering, decides what and when they want to watch. It’s super important if the client is walking around the property without your help, lined space prevents the feeling of loss in new spaces.

The perfect solution for large properties

If the property you’re selling is large, has many separate rooms, showing it is complicated, then links will help a lot. Especially if the property has several floors, understanding the space can be problematic for your clients.

Navigating with links will facilitate virtual walk and will allow familiarizing clients with every corner. 2D photos and even 3D slides will never give the effect of a walk with navigation in the form of links.

How to add links?

Links between the scenes…step by step in the real estate., Evryplace Knowledge Base

…by dragging one scene to another. This way, the scenes connect with each other, and space of the property is getting marked with multimedia points, thanks to which customers move from room to room. Once you have made a new presentation (even from your smartphone), you can go to add links.

For you, it’s an extra few minutes of work, and for your customers, it’s a huge convenience. Let them fall in love with your real estate.


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