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Changelog July 2021

New features:

1. Full support for VR mode (Virtual reality)

Added virtual reality support for the Oculus VR headsets – Quest and Go. From now on, open any Evryplace presentation in headset internet browser – open the presentation and select the VR button (it is available only in the VR headsets’ browser. It is not visible in the browser on computers and mobile devices).

2. Payments tab – new look and functionalities

New payments preview
  • Added 3 cards – current plan, next planned and billing details.
  • Easier to see the date until which the current plan is valid and the next billing date.
  • New more compact look for the whole Settings page (which contains Plan details tab).
  • Added new functionality “Plan details” which summarises what your current plan provides.
  • Clearer appearance of the plan change card.
  • New table added in the plan change tab to compare plans easier.

3. Automatic transitions rename

From now on, when you rename a scene Evryplace will offer to change all names of transitions to that scene automatically. If the name of the transition is the same as the scenes – you will not have to change it manually anymore.

(Example) If the scene is called “Scene 1” and the names of the transitions have not been changed and are also called “Scene 1”, just change the name of the scene to eg “Main Hall” and Evryplace will suggest renaming all the transitions named “Scene 1” to “Main hall”.


  1. Improvement of the speed of our home page
  2. User interface improvements – buttons, texts, responsiveness are more congruent and will perform better
  3. Improvement of the “Drag and drop” in Files.
  4. A message about an attempt to transfer a file exceeding the limit added.
  5. Changing the required text fields in the organization’s settings – now more liberal, will result in less problems when you don’t want to fill all of them.
  6. Improved file transfer – added resuming of the upload after returning to the Editor from the Panel.
  7. Updated presentation Player libraries to the highest version – the Player will run more efficiently and smoother on all devices.
  1. More customisation to your presentations – new assets in widgets (Text and Pop-out banner):
    We added 17 new fonts so you can release your inner designer:


Sans serif:

  1. We added 141 new icons for Transitions and Pop-out banners to choose from Material Design library for greater customisation of your presentations. Now icons will be divided into new 4 tabs:
  1. Navigation
  2. Real estate
  3. Trainings and safety
  4. Widgets

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in setting the view in the transition widgets
  • Repair of the bug blocking the top bar containing for example the publishing buttons.
  • Minor bug fixes

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